Some new additions and a little update

It’s time for a little update from the land of Prime.TV. The last couple of weeks have been very busy (what else is new!?!). For all the people without patience, that would include myself, here is the quick version of our news ticker.

- We’ve started the development process on some of our most anticipated .TV domains.
- We managed to strike a deal on a great .TV name that we’ll hopefully develop into something big in the coming years.
- The Facebook page is taking shape.

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Great news for our norwegian viewers

We all know how much people around the world love celebrity gossip, chatter and star news, that certainly includes our norwegian friends. That’s why we are very happy to announce our most recent channel name which will be dedicated to all the star news our viewers can handle, Kjendis.TV.

Not only will we give you the latest news, we will work together with the stars, artists and celebrities to bring you close-up interviews, inside information of their lifestyle and much much more.

Who’s your favorite celebrity? If you want to see your favorite star on the show or is there a specific show segment you would like us to include, leave a comment and we’ll consider all your feedback.

Stay tuned for more upcoming news soon.


TechTalk.TV and other news

You may have seen our tweets and you may have heard it on Facebook before anyone else. Our most recent aquisition in our family of .TV channels is TechTalk.TV. TechTalk.TV will give us the opportunity to create shows and programs dedicated to a cross-mix of tech gossip, gadget reviews and various other tech related topics.

We have some great ideas up our sleeves for TechTalk.TV, but we don’t want to give away all our plans just yet. We have not set a launch date either because we’re busy with the development of some of our other .TV channels. No worries though, we will let you know as soon as the development process has started and a final launch date has been set.

Viewer Interaction
Most of you know that we’re always looking forward to your comments and ideas. We will deliver a full tech channel experience, but we want your input to make sure some of your wishes and hopes are fulfilled. So, if you have a thing or two you want us to include, please let us know. You can use the comment field below or you can use the contact form on the main page.

We can NOT guarantee your suggestions will be included, but your interaction with our project planning is important for the best viewer experience ever.

-Prime.TV Staff


The blog has finally been launched!

It’s official and we’re proud to announce the official launch of the Prime.TV blog. The blog is supposed to be a supportive tool that gives our viewers, members and everybody else to take a look at what’s going on “inside” the head or behind the scenes of the

We chose a very straight forward, simple but clean overall look with the most essential features and information made available to you. The blog is still in the infant stage and like most other websites it is not free of bugs, yet! Please let us know if you find any bugs, errors or any other annoying quirks you may encounter.

On the left hand side of the blog you can read about essential news, our thoughts and ideas. On the right hand side you can go directly to other categories, you can navigate directly to other websites in our network and you can see our latest twitter activity. You can look through our posts by category, date or author.

We also give you the opportunity to comment on our projects and news, so feel free to say what’s on your mind. You can also discuss our projects with other members using the comment form.

We hope you enjoy the blog and if you think we should improve anything, please let us know. Happy surfing!

-Prime.TV Staff


The amazing Wildlife.TV

If you have visited our main site today you already know what we’re going to tell you next. We are very proud to announce our latest acquisition to our list of channels – Wildlife.TV. We had our eyes on that domain for quite some time, and we were shocked to see it listed as available just a few hours ago. We could NOT let this domain pass through our hands and let it sit to collect dust.

Looking at the history of the domain it seems that a german wildlife park in Bonn was the previous owner of this domain. They had some live cams set up on the website, but for some reason they had to call it quits about 4 months ago. We took a closer look at their current website ( which can be found here and we have come to appreciate all the dedicated work they have done for the wildlife over the years.

We hope that we somehow can help the organization to get a few webcams up and running again so their past viewers can continue to follow the wildlife in the park.

We have big plans for Wildlife.TV. We hope to make this a portal where viewers can find information about the global wildlife, the past, present and future of wildlife and we hope that Wildlife.TV will help educate millions about the importance of wildlife conservation and preservation.