Some recent new additions and updates

Our blog updates have been few and far in between in the last 6 months. Just in time the Christmas season we wanted to give you a small update on the Prime.TV projects.

New projects
We recently managed to snag two great .TV domains. The first one is Luksus.TV which means “Luxury” in multiple European countries, including Norway.

Thanks to a great tip from a close friend of ours we managed to acquire Beginner.TV. We know a lot of people out there look for a great source to learn or to expand their knowledge. Our Beginner.TV vision is a website that introduces the viewers to unknown frontiers from a beginner perspective.

If you want to learn to fix your car, Beginner.TV has you covered. You want to learn more about the stock market? Beginner.TV has you covered. If you want to learn more about our planet, the universe, technology, politics, economics or the internet, Beginner.TV will have you covered.

The development progress of Artist.TV is moving forward. We’ve started to book interviews with Artists for upcoming TV shows. If you’re a promoter or an agent, contact us for more information.

We have started an in-depth development plan for User.TV.

Wildlife.TV and Knowledge.TV are also making steady progress.

If you have any questions you’re always welcome to use the contact form. We would like to thank all of you who e-mail us your questions or feedback. Every single e-mail is highly appreciated. Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to reply to every email at this point in time.

It’s a little early to wish you all a merry Christmas, but have a great December and enjoy the Christmas season.

Your Prime.TV Team


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