Are our domains for sale?

Over the years we have received thousands of questions about our domains, brands and development plans. One of the most common question we receive is if any of our domains are for sale. Lets answer that question once and for all.

We have plans in place for all our domains. Some of the domains will be involved in promo projects, some will be developed into portals, some will be used to promote TV shows, some will be joint ventures. Because all our domains are included in our business plan, we’re not actively looking to sell any of them. However, we’re always willing to listen to reasonable offers or great business ideas.

We do currently have a few domains that are not for sale at any price: Artist.TV, Sporty.TV, Wildlife.TV and Knowledge.TV.

In the last 3 years we’ve received offers ranging from $50 to $125,000 for various .TV domains. We sold some, we kept others. If you decide to contact us with an offer, please don’t send us $50 offers. You probably won’t get a reply from us.

We just recently parted with the domain Bites.TV to a great company with a great vision. It’s already been put to good use. Good luck to them.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Thank you.
-Prime.TV staff


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