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You may have seen our tweets and you may have heard it on Facebook before anyone else. Our most recent aquisition in our family of .TV channels is TechTalk.TV. TechTalk.TV will give us the opportunity to create shows and programs dedicated to a cross-mix of tech gossip, gadget reviews and various other tech related topics.

We have some great ideas up our sleeves for TechTalk.TV, but we don’t want to give away all our plans just yet. We have not set a launch date either because we’re busy with the development of some of our other .TV channels. No worries though, we will let you know as soon as the development process has started and a final launch date has been set.

Viewer Interaction
Most of you know that we’re always looking forward to your comments and ideas. We will deliver a full tech channel experience, but we want your input to make sure some of your wishes and hopes are fulfilled. So, if you have a thing or two you want us to include, please let us know. You can use the comment field below or you can use the contact form on the main page.

We can NOT guarantee your suggestions will be included, but your interaction with our project planning is important for the best viewer experience ever.

-Prime.TV Staff


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