About Us

Who are we?

Prime.TV is a fairly new, multinational corporation founded in 2010. We are the proud owner of many online TV channels covering a wide variety of topics in many different languages. Our headquarter is based in the heart of beautiful Oslo, the capital of Norway. In the near future we plan to expand our horizon to London, Hamburg and a yet to be determined location on the other side of the pond, in the US.

What we do?

As one of the future leading forces in the online TV industry, we’re constantly developing our TV channels and the channel concepts. One of our most important goals is to bring our viewers the newest information, the best entertainment and the most important facts.

Our channels

Our videos, shows and programs are aimed at people of all ages and we’re continuously expanding our video collection with new and original content. Most of our channels are in English, but we also develop TV channels in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and German.

For more information about of our channels you may want to check out “Our Channels”. The link will provide you with a detailed list of our channels and a short introduction to each channel. In the coming months we will give you a more detailed description of each channel, what the channel is all about, the programs airing on each channel etc etc. Watch the news section for more info on the updates.

Our vision

Our vision is one of the main reasons why Prime.TV is propelling forward at a fast pace. More and more websites on the internet realize how video content can lift their sites to new heights. Text and images will always be around, but video is here to shape the new future of the internet. You can read more about our vision here.